Rock Shocks

Rock Shocks have a long history in off road competition with success in all branches of the sport dating back to 1976.

The first Rock Shocks made their debut at the Scottish Six Day Trial. Every rider using Rock Shocks finished the event.

As a result of the modifications made from the lessons learned at the SSDT Rock Shocks began to dominate trials in the 1980’s. Almost every British National Solo and Sidecar Trial Championship, including Schoolboy A & B held in 1980, 81, 82, 83, and 84 was won on Rock Shocks.

The new alloy bodied Rock Shocks feature 12mm piston rods, improved internal adjustable damping characteristics, hydraulic cushioning and extended top and bottom mounts.  Rock Shocks are available in lengths between 220mm to 425mm (8.5″ to 16.75″) with bushes to suit most bikes.

An enormous advantage for the rider is that Rock Shocks are fully re-buildable.

Gary Fleckney took over ownership of Rock Shocks in February 2013 from John Bull.  Since then Gary has expanded the business through the development of new products.  Gary himself has a hydraulic engineering background and has been an enthusiastic competitor since the 1970’s and can be seen competing across the UK and Europe while testing and promoting the products.

The development of our products is based on our own testing of the shocks alongside the importance of listening to our customers.  This is how the larger bodied shock came about, when some of the harder charging riders on larger machines such as Tribsa, Metisse, Cheney and CCMs requested consistent damping for the more modern tracks and longer races.  Most recently, due to growing requests, we have started to offer amodising to the aluminium components and also an option of chrome or black springs.

In addition to the above, monoshocks for air Air Cooled Mono’s were launched in 2016 after development work throughout 2015 and the range continues to grow.  The first monoshocks had instant success in the air cooled mono championships.

Fork springs were launched in 2017 in answer to cusotmer demand, with the range of Rock Shocks products continuing to expand.

Rock Shocks are now being used around the World from Australia to the USA on bikes from AJS to Yamaha in all forms of competition.

As time has gone on we have expanded into classic scrambles, enduros, road, road racing and in fact even trials cars, quads, sidecars and aeroplanes.

Rock Shocks also undertakes commissions for specials.  We now have a wide range of merchandise ranging from riding jackets and sweatshirts (all of which can be personalised) to hats and other useful rider accessories.


  1. The Choice Of Champions

    All the champions that win using Rock Shocks can’t be wrong…..!!

  2. High Quality Components

    We only use the best quality components in Rock Shocks, giving you reliability, handling and the ride quality you need to compete with the best.

  3. Your Shock – How You Want It

    We will build and set up your shock so it is perfect for you…. just talk to us and we will make it happen.

  4. Spares & Supplies Always In Stock

    There is nothing worse than not being able to get hold of the bits you need…. when you need them…… all our spares are only a day away from your door.