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Rockshocks can be tailored to suit all twinshock and classic competition bikes. The damping rates for rebound and compression are easily altered for individual requirements by the rider or by us. They are totally rebuildable with all spares here in stock.

To purchase Rock Shocks, spares or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Rockshocks parts list

Image Part No. Description Price
RS1 RS1 Long top bush holder £13.50
RS2 RS2 ‘O’ ring £0.50
RS3 RS3 Standard top bush holder £13.50
RS4 RS4 Spring adjuster (threaded) £10.00
RS5 RS5 Long alloy body £24.00
RS6 RS6 Standard alloy body £24.00
RS7 RS7 Short alloy body £24.00
RS8 RS8 Long rod (12mm diameter) £12.50
RS9 RS9 Standard rod (12mm diameter) £12.50
RS10 RS10 Short rod (12mm diameter) £12.50
RS11 RS11 Bottom alloy bush holder (long) £12.00
RS12 RS12 Bottom alloy bush holder (medium) £12.00
RS13 RS13 Bottom alloy bush holder (short) £12.00
RS14 RS14 Alloy piston (Trials) £9.00
RS15 RS15 Alloy piston (MX, Road Racing, Trials Cars) £9.00
RS16 RS16 Alloy tapered shim support £3.00
RS17 RS17 Alloy bush holder (bottom) £8.00
RS18 RS18 Rod seal £1.00
RS19 RS19 Alloy bush & seal holder £12.00
RS20 RS20 Bump stop rubber (black) £4.00
RS21 RS21 Alloy spring collet £8.00
RS22 RS22 Standard rod bushes (2 off) £1.00
RS23 RS23 Top shim (3 hole) £0.80
RS24 RS24 Bottom shim (6 hole) £0.80
RS25 RS25 Service tool £10.00
- RS26 Mounting bushes (Full set) 8mm, 10mm, 12mm £8.00
- RS34 Rebuild kit (Includes all parts to service both units) £15.00

Rockshocks springs

Image Part No. Finish & length Spring Rating Colour Code Price Each Spring
RS27 to RS33 RS27 Chrome 10.25in 40/50lbs Red/Black £15.00
RS28 Chrome 10.25in 45/55lbs Blue/Red £15.00
RS29 Chrome 10.25in 55lbs Blue £15.00
RS30 Chrome 10.25in 60lbs Yellow £15.00
RS31 Chrome 10.25in 70lbs Red/Yellow £15.00
RS32 Chrome 10.25in 61lbs Red/White £15.00
RS33 Chrome 11.00in 66lbs White £15.00
A complete Rockshock, fitted to a Trials bike